The Patsy Cline Project...Order Your Copy Now!!!

Lisa Brokop: The Patsy Cline Project is now available for order right here on my website in the 'music' section!
I'm so excited to be getting this new album out to all of you! I cant say often enough how much I LOVE this music and I so enjoy singing these classic songs! And please let me know on your order if you would like your copy autographed!

It looks like 2016 will prove to be a very busy year. The tour dates are coming in fast and furious now and it's going to be so amazing to share this project with everybody! You can go to the 'shows' section of the website to find out if I'll be in your city!
See you out there!!
Here is a video of 'Sweet Dreams' that I did with director Julian Chojnacki and Take8Films


Touring With The Patsy Cline Project

(Nov. 18/15) It has been a rather hectic fall for me and of course I'm baffled once again by where the time has gone! 
I did the very first live show with The Patsy Cline Project (Stouffville, ON) and it was so awesome! A little nerve wracking since it was the first one but so much fun and it is always a good feeling to get that first show under your belt..:) I've done a few others in the last 6 weeks or so and I'm happy to report that all went amazingly well and most of them were sold out! Such a great feeling! I'm really looking forward to the next tour in the spring that will take us from Manitoba, across the prairies to BC. Yay!!

New Tour Dates!

(Aug. 13/2015) New tour dates have been added to the schedule! It looks like The Patsy Cline Project will be quite busy...the calendar is starting to fill in! New shows have been added in Dawson Creek, BC and Spruce Grove, AB. Awesome! I'm excited about doing the live show! 

Pledge Music Goal Reached!!

(July 7/2015) I am so excited to announce that my pledge music goal has been reached!! I am so grateful and appreciative of everyone who made a pledge on this project! You are all truly amazing and I thankyou!!
But I also want to let you know but just because we have reached the goal it doesn't stop there. There is still a chance to join in with the making of this record. And the good news is that a portion of all proceeds that come in from this point on will go to is an organization that empowers veterans and active-duty military to tell their stories through the process of songwriting in creative and therapeutic settings. I have had the chance to go through this process with a very courageous woman veteran named Nastatia Mason and it was a truly amazing afternoon and healing for all involved. Music and songwriting can be such a magical thing!

So let's keep rockin' along everybody! There will be more fun updates for all pledgers right up until the release date of my album on Aug. 1st. If you haven't had a chance to join in yet go to to find out how to pre-order your copy of the album and have access to a bunch of other exclusive offers.

Thanks everybody!

Tracking Day Is Complete!!

(June 10, 2015) - Yesterday, June 9th, was perhaps one of the most amazing days I've experienced in quite a while! We were in the studio recording tracks for my new album, 'The Patsy Cline Project'. We tracked 10 songs total, 7 Patsy Cline classics and 3 original songs. It truly was a wonderful day! I so enjoyed singing those classic songs..feels like home to me. And the musicians were absolutely stellar! So so good!!
I want to thank everyone (my pledgers) for joining me on this journey so far on . I so appreciate your support in making this record! 
But there is still lots to do! We've got the foundation laid for the album so now we will add the lead vocals, bgs, extra instruments, etc...
For those of you who haven't had a chance to take a look you can go to and find out how to join in. There will be a lot more fun updates and behind the scenes glimpses as I finish the album and of course there are plenty of exclusive items still available.

Stay tuned!

Two Days Left

(May 22, 2015) - On Sunday, May 24th I'll be drawing a name from my amazing and wonderful pledgers...and that person will receive a gift from me. So that means that there is still time to join in friends! If you'd like to have a chance to be in the draw you can join my campaign at Pledge Music to get your name in the hat!

I'm in Surrey, BC this week with Ivy visiting family so I'll be doing the draw from here. This is gonna be fun! Thanks everybody!

And here's a hint...part of the gift will be 'vintage Lisa Brokop'...that's all I'm telling you....
And The Winner Is...

(May 25, 2015) - I announced the winner of my Pledge Music gift give-away on Sunday and the winner was Gene Martin from Minneapolis, MN.  Congratulations Gene!

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who has made a pledge so are all appreciated.  There is still tons of fun to come throughout the campaign so for those of you who would like to be a part of the process of making my new record you can go to Pledge Music and join in. I'm having a blast so far!  Thanks!
Gift Give-Away For Pledgers

(May 15, 2015) - Hello friends! My Pledge Music campaign is going great!! I am almost at 30% of my goal and I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again to all who have made pledges for the project!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so grateful for this support and I would like to do something special for all my Pledgers. 

I am going to be putting all names of my list of pledgers into 'a hat' and on Sunday, May 24th I will draw one out and that person will receive a gift from me! So that means if you've already are 'in the hat'. If you haven't yet you have until Sunday May 24th to be included. The cut off time will be 9:00am EST.

I'll be in my hometown on Sunday (Surrey, BC) so I'll be drawing the name from there. And I promise if my mom's name is picked then I'll get her a separate gift and pick another name! Ha!

This'll be fun everybody! Please visit Pledge Music to get your name in the hat!
Officially Launched

(May 6, 2015) - I am thrilled to announce the launch of a new album campaign on Pledge Music! Whoohoo! I'm so so excited about this! There have already been several people (Pledgers) who have decided to get on board and join me in the making of my new record that will pay homage to Patsy Cline...I am so grateful!

Here is a video outlining the campaign to let you know a little more about how Pledge Music works and how you can get involved...
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I'm sad to report that we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Tracey yesterday. She was 14 years old and her time had come to leave us. Tracey arrived on Paul's doorstep 14 years ago (the mailman found her and brought her) as a tiny puppy. Paul was not particularly fond of the idea of having a dog at the time but soon enough this little ball of fur stole his heart and she's been his faithful companion ever since. She was a beautiful Norwegian Elkhound, quite a big dog, so the fact that she was with…

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We are heading off to Hamilton for the CCMA week next Friday. Haven't been in a couple of years so it will be nice to see old friends and catch up on the latest!  We're stopping in Toronto first for a house concert and then on to Hamilton.  Paul has never been to CCMA'll be fun to introduce him to the Canadian's always such a crazy week of schmoozing and partying..should be a good time! We're leaving Ivy home on this trip, so look out...the Jeffersons are comin' to town!! Mom and…

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Thank You 

We'd like to send out a very special THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make our tour a great success!
Just to name a few - Trish Bogart, Burt and Barry, Marlene D'aoust, Tina and Brian Guillou, Ivan Daines, Tim and Ileen Major, Pat Biggs and Murray MacAulay, our manager Dean Brokop and most especially....Grandma! (Ivy thanks you too!)

Also thanks to all of our friends and fans for coming out and supporting us.....we appreciate you!

End of the Road 

I've been meaning to blog sooner than this but it's been crazy busy out here! So this will be a big blog...

Kelowna - awesome show there! My cousin Tina and her husband Brian hosted the event and we had 70 people! They have the most beautiful home overlooking Okanagan Lake and you'd think 70 people would be crowded in a house but it really wasn't...almost like it was meant for house concerts!  By the way, we're thinking about planning a Christmas house concert tour...can you imagine it...Christmas trees and…

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The Beat Goes On 

We're just a little over half-way through the tour now...Ponoka last night...Clive tonight (Roosters) at 9pm. We're certainly making the most of being in this area! There was a really nice article in the paper yesterday about The Jeffersons for our show at the Central Music Fest on!

Monday we are heading out of Alberta and into BC. By the way...Monday, Aug. 15 is Paul's birthday! We will be driving most of the day but will arrive at my cousin Tina's around dinner time...maybe some…

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Red Deer House Concert 

We had a really great show in Red Deer last night! We were at the home of Trish Bogart and she put on a PARTY! We were thinking there might 20 or 30 people but there ended up being over 75! We had to go rent a small sound system to accomodate everyone! The forecast was calling for rain but it ended up being one of the most perfect evenings...couldn't have been better...beautiful sunset...not too cool...
Thank you Trish for making it a night to remember!

Tonight we have the night off and then were in…

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Happy Birthday Ivy 

We're in the hotel right now in Red Deer wearing party hats and celebrating Ivy's 2nd birthday! Yes, Ivy is 2!!!!! Also, her Grandpa is having a birthday as well...the big 70!!! Happy Birthday Grandpa!

The trip is going great so far...had an awesome show in Ferintosh last night. Great people! Tonight we will be at The Ironwood in Calgary.  We will be stopping at Walmart later to buy bug spray...they're the size of hummingbirds out here! We've been getting eaten alive the last couple days! We saw a…

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Are We Rednecks or Just Resourceful? 

The jury is out on that one. I came home this afternoon to find Paul converting one of our kitchen chairs into a booster seat. Ivy likes to sit in a 'big girl' chair but of course they sit too low so Daddy decided to put the chair up on blocks with holes in them for the legs....yeah, I know, why not just use one of those booster seats from Target? That would be way too easy! I can't stop laughing every time I look at that chair...

Then Paul went into the dining room to fix his guitar...the one with…

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Thank You Jim Parker & Huntsville 

Had an awesome in-the-round with Bob Regan, Tony Haselden and Jim Parker at the VBC Playhouse in Huntsville! It's so cool hearing these writers sing their hits in their original form...pre big artist recording. They are all great guitar players too!  The VBC Playhouse is a beautiful little theatre with great sound...we wish we could do about 20 more like that in a row!  We'll be in Savannah Sunday night with our good friend Jefferson Ross.

Holiday Weekend 

We've been racking up the miles this weekend that's for sure. We got to Vancouver Thursday night and played Friday afternoon in Surrey for Canada Day. Then we went straight to the airport from the show and flew to Winnipeg. Saturday morning we drove up to Dauphin, 3 1/2 hours north of Winnipeg, to play at Countryfest. We did an hour show and then hopped back on the bus back to Winnipeg so we could grab a few hours sleep before our 6:30am flight Sunday morning. Whew! Lotsa travel but we had 2 really great…

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