A Brand New Show!!!!!!


Some very exciting things have been in the works for the last month or two!!! Theres a brand new show on the rise that will feature not only Lisa's hit show, The Patsy Cine Project but will include music from Paul Jeffersons new show, Hank Lives!

Now it just so happens that these two country music performers are a husband and wife team and they have decided to combine these two great shows into one and are taking it on the road together..:) This production will include stories and songs from Paul's hero, Hank Williams Sr. plus Lisa will be belting out some of those amazing Patsy Cline classics. History tells us that Patsy and Hank never actually crossed paths in their careers but.. imagine if they did? Perhaps it would look something like what is about to take the stage!  Rumor has it that Paul and Lisa will come together for a few numbers as well to simultaneously bring their audience a uniquely, nostalgic and captivating performance that is not to be missed!

You can find more details about when and where the tour dates for this show are at lisabrokop.com/shows 

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