A Magical Time

It's been about a week now but i want ed to share my thoughts on the wedding of the century! David Petrelli and Victoria Banks have tied the knot! Whoo hoo! And I got to be a bridemaid!

The event took place in Wethersfield, Connecticut, where Dave is from. It is so beautiful in that area...especially this time of year...the old houses are stunning....such history!

Myself, Tania Hancheroff and Mary Sue Englund (also bridesmaids) arrived Saturday afternoon. As you may know, the four of us are a pretty tight knit bunch so to have us all together for a whole weekend was really quite something...a lot of laughing and complete silliness going on! That night we all drove out to the town of Mystic to this seafood place on the water. It was awesome...the hot lobster roll was incredible! And the moon was really bright that night so there were sparkles flashing on the water almost as if we were at Disney!

The next day was the softball game that Dave put together. I'm still sore from that...apparently I have muscles in places I didn't know I had.. But I whacked that ball out there like Babe Ruth....ok maybe not Babe Ruth but it was pretty good.

After the game was the wedding rehearsal and dinner. OMG! I've never eaten so much in my life! Dave's family is Italian and they had 7 appetizers before the main course! Geesh! It just kept coming and and coming and coming! I think we ate for 3 hours solid...

Then it was time for the big day....not a cloud in the sky...around 78 degrees (we were outside)...it couldn't have been more perfect! Towards the end of the ceremony most of the bridal party and 15 other family members joined together and sang a piece called 'The New Day'. There were several different parts...I was in the alto section with the girls. There were some scary moments trying to learn these very different melodic pieces...not quite the same as what we're used to!

The reception was held in an old barn, right next to the ceremony, all decorated with hanging parasols and tiny white lights. Very romantic. Three of us girls sang 'I Hope You Dance' for the father/daughter dance. It was written by Tia Sillers, a good friend of Victoria's who couldn't be there. It was really a powerful moment for us all. We have such an amazing friendship together and watching Vic dancing with her dad was so sweet. All in all, it was a fantastic, magical time...I'm so glad for Dave and Vic...they deserve all the happiness in the world!

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