End of the Road

I've been meaning to blog sooner than this but it's been crazy busy out here! So this will be a big blog...

Kelowna - awesome show there! My cousin Tina and her husband Brian hosted the event and we had 70 people! They have the most beautiful home overlooking Okanagan Lake and you'd think 70 people would be crowded in a house but it really wasn't...almost like it was meant for house concerts!  By the way, we're thinking about planning a Christmas house concert tour...can you imagine it...Christmas trees and decorations...hot chocolate...carols....can't wait!

We played at the Ivan Daines 35th annual 'Picknic' on the 19th to a great crowd. It sure gets cold in Alberta at night! We froze our buns off! Paul forgot his jacket too so Ivan loaned him his...and then ended up giving it to him! Thanks Ivan...

Our final show of the tour was at Watcom Meadows, just south of the Canadian/US border and was the perfect end to the trip. Whatcom Meadows is a campground with lots that people own.  My aunt and uncle have owned there for 25 years and the whole family has been going down every year. So we thought maybe it would be fun to do a little show, house concert style, maybe get 30 or 40 people together....and there ended up being over 200!  It was awesome! The weather was beautiful..the people were incredible...and it was a perfect end to our tour!

We stayed an extra couple days to camp with Ivy and then it's home to Nashville!

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