Full Circle at the Blue Bird

As you may know The Jeffersons are playing at the Bluebird on Feb 15th at 9pm which we've done many times before, but this time there is a little different twist to it. Aside from the amazing guitar guru Porter Howell, we'll be joined by the new Canadian act 'One More Girl'. They are 2 young ladies, Carly and Britt McKillip, that I have had the pleasure of knowing since they were little tykes. Their dad, Tom Mckillip has been the guitar player/band leader of the Lisa Brokop band for over 15 years so the girls were always around backstage or out front watching the show. Little did we know that they would soon be following in the same footsteps and be in Nashville about to be big stars!

They recently signed a new record deal with Interscope Records and are about to bust wide open as the next big thing! They have it all...amazing talent, gorgeous looks and they write their own songs too.

It's so cool to me that these the two little girls have grown up to be such talented young women and are about to embark on the same path I did so many years ago! I can't wait to see where the road will take them and I'm so glad we could get them at The Bluebird before they're too famous!

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