Oh Canada

We're heading off in a couple days to Surrey, BC to celebrate Canada day with my people! This will be the first time for The Jeffersons to perform in Surrey as it's always been a 'Lisa Brokop' show in the past. Should be a blast!

We won't be staying long though...right after the show we race to the airport to fly to Winnipeg so we can be in Dauphin for July 2nd.

But here's the really big thing of it all...we're going on our own without Ivy! No child for 3 days! Grandma and Grandpa will be here in Nashville with Ivy while we go and do our thing up north. We've never been away from her that long...we won't know what to do with ourselves! We'll be the couple at the back of the plane snickering at all the other moms and dads who have their kids with them who won't sit still and are driving their parents nuts! Ahh...to sit and actually read a book on the plane...how luxurious! On the other hand we'll probably be calling home 15 times a day to check on her...

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