So sad to learn of the passing of the Whitney Houston this past week. But the saddest part is that such an awesome, God given talent was taken away that really didn't have to be.

And of course, the media has been going to town with it...any picture of Whitney they can find that doesn't show her in her best light ends up in the tabloids...all kinds of rumors about her last few days and what she did or didn't do. I was at the grocery store yesterday and every magazine and gossip column had her on the cover.

I think we should celebrate the lovely soul she was underneath her flaws for now, but in time not forget that she had an illness that stole her talent, her self respect and eventually her life. How do we help others avoid the same path? So many young artists out there are completely out of touch with reality and have no comprehension of what substance abuse can do...we are not invincible! You can only go so far with that kind lifestyle before it catches up with you in some way.

My wish for these times is that maybe this could be a wake-up call for some. Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Elvis, Hank Sr. and the list goes on...we don't need to add anymore.

Rest in peace, Whitney

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